Saturday, 8 October 2016

Please don't leave me, tiny radish

I didn't sew this radish, I merely stitched on a pin back so that I could wear it as a brooch. It is the most recent thing I've sewn - finished over 10 weeks ago. Up until this week I didn't believe I'd lost my sew-jo, merely that many other (important) things had gotten in the way of sewing. That I couldn't wait to get back to the machine. But recently I've been feeling a dread and trepidation and actually a bit of distaste for whatever I'm thinking of creating. Not just sewn, though it is a large part of my thinking, - but everything I might create - word-wise, food-wise, gift-wise, music-wise, (nascent) woodwork and anything in between.

I realise 2016 should have been The Year of The Outfit, but I've had very little success on the actual outfits. I feel I look a fool.

So maybe I hope for better and unpack my tools

Maybe I just restart, because it's easier to carry on than it is to overcome a mental barrier before you can even begin.

Radish Brooch