Thursday, 1 August 2013

A Frucket List of Sorts

Let it be known right now that it's 4.20am. I am really not looking forward to the comedown that will be happening at some point tomorrow. Oh boy. This is an odd experience though, typing late into the night. It's a bit like the customary "first night of the holidays" where time stretches out ahead of you and you want to savour every free and peaceful moment.

I'll be off up to Edinburgh in a few hours for the fantastic festival season and wanted to post a sort of bucket list for the time I'll be up there. I'm not a reviewer, just an enthusiast so I'm reluctant to give this list the label "picks of the Fringe", so it's called a Frucket List

Regent Rep - Baddies - The Space
Winning second place in Sky Arts' recent series Nation's Best Am Dram, the Regent Rep have always had a really strong reputation for high quality performances. Having worked at their home venue in Dorset I'm really excited to see they've ventured North for the festival.

Beta Males - Superopolis - Pleasance Dome
Always love a bit of good sketch comedy

The Paper Cinema - Odyssey - Summerhall
These guys came to Bournemouth Arts By The Sea last year and were fantastic. It's incredibly difficult to describe well what precisely they do. Any fans of puppetry...graphic music...storytelling...should really see them because they're developing a seriously good reputation.

Beth Vyse - Going Dark! - Banshee Labyrinth
The synopsis looks like this should be a comedy version of Duet for One. Not sure how true that actually is, but the dark humour side of me is really curious now.

Tony Law - Maximum Noonsense - The Stand
Lunchtime slot in a venue that's difficult to find. It's like earning your right to see the show.

Cheeky*Park - Company Man - C
Apparently a circus show about corporate life...? It reminds me a little of a show called Brainstorming (quand l'entreprise s'emballe) from a few years ago...

The Goddess of Walnuts - The Catherine's Club - Paradise in the Vault
The Catherine's Club performed Meat in our venue last year. It was excellent. Affecting. Tim Foley has returned with more of his own writing and I'm really hoping this will be as inventive as Meat was.

I'll be looking to post and tweet about shows while in the city too. As ever, some of the best shows from last year were ones we stumbled on at the last minute, so does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions?

So far recommendations have been for Chalk Farm, Casual Violence, Boy with Tape on his Face, a Socialist Magician (I don't even have a clue...), Speakeasies...

Not forgetting about the actual international festival and the book festival all happening at the same time. I totally missed them last year, but the Translation Duels look really interesting and I'm hoping to capitalise on some day tickets for the international festival too.

So if you're in town, I'll be working at the Paradise venues (main one on George IV Bridge) so stop by and say hi. (If any stitchers are up for a speedy trip to Mandors too...?)

(I owe you guys projects. Seriously, there are so many projects lined up. You will be bombarded)

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