Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Yet more boring office sewing...

Hi everyone!

Another quickie make for you today. I'm fighting a war on officewear as everything I own that once was smart is turning to rags. You saw the recent capris, but I'm also working on some skirts too.

Meet my first attempt at actual flat pattern drafting.


This was designed as a base to other patterns and could actually be called a wearable muslin (prototype). The skirt sits at my natural waist (which does feel crazy high), but it means that I can design stuff to sit lower in the future.

I'm currently using the whasijig as a glorified pinboard
It's also a very different shape to me...

The skirt is made from a quilting cotton called Wordplay. From a distance it looks like an interesting pinstripe, but it's actually supposed to resemble shelves of books. The lining is a polka dot remnant I had lying around.

Back innards

There is a lapped zip on the side, and I hand stitched the lining to the zip tape on the inside. In terms of finishing, I'm very happy with this! ( there's a peek n how neat the stitching is n the top left of the above pic, see it? )

I also added one tiny functional detail: a loop on the waistband to clip an office fob on to. Nice. Everyone needs these.
Loop and print detail

That's it really!


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  1. gorgeous fabric you have chosen there, both for the skirt, and it's lining! And the little tab loopy thing is great- quite designer-y, I think! Lovely.