Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Checking-in, Motivation and The Stockholm Challenge

Hey guys,

How are we all doing? 

Here at Culture Capital things have been busy. Things are still busy, and I haven't really been able to sit down and work on projects from start to finish for about a month. That doesn't mean there's no news, just riding out a lull and am getting ready to hit the foot pedal again when the time is right. Hopefully soon. 

Until then, I've been working on small things and getting the next projects ready. I've started cutting squares for a scrap quilt. My scraps pile is now big enough and diverse enough to start one and it would be nice to have a quilt to keep cosy. The plan is to have a mix of full squares and ones pieced from smaller strips, trying to keep colours close together. A bit like this one:

Project Boring Office Sewing has come on a few steps, with an Anna dress cut out and ready to go. There are also preliminary patterns for a few tops too.

I've been working on a design for the Burdastyle Crossover Blazer, which will end up being a very cool Desigual rip-off. Think green. Think confusing buttons.

I've just finished drafting a pattern for some leggings using this tutorial on One Little Minute and this one on So Sew Easy. They're yet to be toiled, but hopefully they'll end up okay as I've got a couple of designs to build with them. They're going to be cool.

The other big thing is The Stockholm Challenge.

This all started on a trip to Berlin at the end of January. A couple of hours before my flight home, with limited time, money and concentration I made a mad dash to Frau Tulpe for some speedy souvenirs. I came back with two, with a view to keeping one and passing one on to a friend.

This counts as proof, right?
 A thought came to make this more interesting: instead of simply handing something over, we could allocate the souvenir on a random draw, then make something with the offending item. We're both heading to a festival in Stockholm over Easter, so that's our deadline.

Secret Souveniers
I have have my plan, the pattern and the pieces cut out, now we just need to sew. Wish us luck.



  1. That's a pretty cool blazer! Green sounds like fun. I also like the quilt, I was thinking of making one too at some point

    1. Oooh, I'd like to see that! How's the crochet and unpacking going? Is Switzerland freezing still?

  2. Love the shape of that jacket! Got to get you up here for a sewing weekend sometime!

  3. Will do! Have been trying to decide how to make that jacket since it came out!