Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Just in time! The Stockholm Challenge Tee!

Hi guys!

An update on The Stockholm Challenge for you today. Seems apt considering we just got back...*ahem*...

You remember I went to Berlin in January? And came back with a challenge to sew before heading to Stockholm at Easter? Well it got done and has been VERY well worn since being handed over to the lucky recipient.

It's a modified Thread Theory Newcastle Cardigan, into a Henley tee. Why do this when Thread Theory have a perectly lovely Henley Tee pattern anyway?

Because then it wouldn't be a challenge. Duh.

I kid you not. This shirt is exactly the same...
...as this one.
Luckily, we knew they already liked the fit of the Newcastle I just wanted to modify the neckline, keeping the other elements. I drafted a neckline placket using this video but would probably modify it in the future for the placket to be one piece, not two.

Loads of RTW t-shirts seem to be binding/stabilising the shoulders and neckline with a srip of self fabric at the moment. Take a moment to root through your t-shirts and have a look, spotted it? Naturally, I blatantly ripped it off and copied it. You can see it in the picture above. What do you think? Nifty, eh?

All the seams are flat-felled again, which gives it a bit of a nicer finish and should make it a lot more durable too!

Until I can grab a live-action shot of the top, you'll need to make do with these.

Front. Shoulders don't really fit on a female form...
Back. Obvs.

This top has garnered far more comments and compliments than anything else I've ever made. I don't know whether to be proud or offended ;)


Standby for another Stockholm post soon...

Stay safe,

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