Thursday, 8 May 2014

Leggings. Straight and swung.

Confession time. I know nothing about musicality. I can just about understand there's a difference between straight rhythm, swing, funk, samba...etc. But we stop about there.

In fact, if you were to ask about my sense of rhythm, you'd get pointed straight towards a dungaree'd Stephen Fry in this classic sketch.

So to help me remember the difference, my next projects have been two pairs of self-drafted leggings. One pair straight. One pair swung.

Aha! Not only is it a pun, but it's also educational! That's the best kind of pun!

The blue ones are standard self-drafted using these two tutorials (One Little Minute and So Sew Easy), the red ones are rip-off spiral leggings from Pattern Magic 3 by Tomoko Nakamichi. Both were made from a cotton/spandex jersey ready for the Spring Race Challenge, and a proof that I've actually been working up a sweat in them here are a few shots of some drills I've been practicing.

I'm super-pleased with the straight leggings. They fit, move don't ride up and are generally comfortable for lots of moving around. That being said, I keep forgetting to get a photo in them so you'll have to take my word for it...

The swung ones, I'm not so sure. They look edgy and avant-garde but they're very odd to wear. They move around, sag and shift. They might not be the greatest exercisewear. There are some sewists who have made these as 'workout' leggings, but I do wonder if they've had the same experience? Can anyone comment?

Saggy ankles...

Anyway, these are  my new straight and swung leggings. Hopefully they'll help me remember my rythm patterns. This probably means I need to make a samba pair, right? Any ideas?

Peace out,

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