Friday, 16 January 2015

Pyjama attack

Pyjamas are by far my favourite thing to make (except for dinner and messes)

For Christmas 2014, I was a bit stumped about what to get for my brother P. P is in his twenties, a real absolute hipster. So I've made him some cartoon pyjamas with sharks and monsters on them. You know, so he can wear them ironically.

Shark fabric: 'Shark Attack' by Momshoo on Spoonflower
Monster fabric: 'Oh no, Tokyo!' by ceanirminger on Spoonflower
This was the first time I'd ordered fabric from Spoonflower. While I love the colours and the quality of the jersey, I'm a bit disappointed in the non-continuous printing if you order more than one yard of a given print. It did make the pyjamas a bit too short for my grand plans/long and skinny brother.

It also got picked up for customs duty. But that's another story.

I've probably made 10 pairs of these pyjamas now, and at least as many t-shirts. They came together pretty easily and are Size M Butterick B5432 (the t-shirts are traced off a standard RTW).

Forgot to get a picture of the sharks. They came with a plain white raglan tee.

The monsters, I definitely remembered to photograph. There's a dark green patch pocket on the back of the trousers. Partly for phones, partly for continuity.


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