Sunday, 17 July 2016

Baby Bundle

Before anything else, all this stuff was nominally free. It all came from my stash (though some is <6 months old), at some point I've paid good money for it, though not specifically to make these items. Actually, it's all from my knit stash and scraps. I had plans to do the same with the regular woven fabrics too, but I just ran out of gusto.

As I've said before, you only get one first nephew, and you only get to meet him for the first time once! Almost everything here was for him, except for a couple of items which have headed to a friend's son, about the same age.

Sunhat (Oliver & S)

Yellow Nautical Bucket Hat

Elephants (Birch Fabrics blog) and Woolly Mammoths

Elephant soft toys

Elephant and mammoth soft toys

Whales, big and small (heavily modified and pirated, so I'm not telling you any more)

Big whale and little whale plushies

2 whale plushies sat next to each other

Onesie (Burda)


Cardigan (Burda)

Serengeti Flight Stripe Cardi

Cardigan and shorts (Burda)

Monster cardi and shorts

Green leggings (Burda)

Green leggings backGreen leggings front


3x shorts (Burda)

Assorted shorts

Robot outfit (Burda)

Robot outfit

Drawstring bags (no pattern)

Drawstring bags

Grenadier Guard outfit, sans hat (Burda)

Grenadier Guard outfit for baby

Everything is in a range of sizes so hopefully they'll all get a bit of use.

First indcators say that the big whale is getting a lot of attention

Not really got much else to say about these...I counted them up and am just a bit staggered really.



  1. You have been busy... Does it count as de-stashing?

    1. Actually, I think it does! I'm definitely getting through some of the perpetual members of my stash/scraps pile