Monday, 14 November 2016

Slashed pillow and other scrappy ideas

I'm still wrestling with my scraps to get them under control. My scrap lace dress used up every bit of delicate, slinky, silky stuff I had going - and this pillow got practically all of the my knits sent away.

Cushion cover with 3d textured effect using slashed fabric

I'm trying to explore fabric manipulation/textile art as a means of using up scraps. It seems likethe kind of thing that is easier to try out if you have a stock of suitable stuff all ready to go and that no bit is really too small to shove into a project. This pillow uses the fabric slashing technique and a piece of optical illusion fabric from Ikea for the style lines (originally destined for a Matthew Bourne style set of PJs).

Layering fabric to produce 3d effect

One large sandwich of fabrics, waiting to become a cushion cover

I layered far too much fabric in this sandwich, it  really wants only a couple of bits in there so it has a consistent look. In a way this was a proof of concept - testing the fabric slashing technique for other projects in the future. I'm somewhat unconvinced but it's a useful reference. Also, it nearly broke my poor workhorse Janome 7025 - it was like a mattress!

But the knit scraps have gone!

The cushion is becoming a bit more colourful with wear. Two unexpected (but unsurprising) side effects are that the cushion cover is grippier than a flat cushion and that it's quite warm.

So all that remains is my immense "generic" wovens scraps piles. I have 400+ squares for a quilt (started cutting in 2012 or 2013) which has fallen out of favour, plus 2 unallocated bags of scraps and a small sub-section of specificallys elected scras for some sort of loose leaf file or laptop sleeve (using the water soluble stabiliser again). My thoughts turn to weaving too, but any ideas are gratefully received.

K x

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  1. I think that Ikea fabric would send me loopy. Well, more loopy? Loopier?

    yes, I think that is still possible. Just?