Friday, 30 June 2017

Summer is here!

Or as other nations call it "a short heatwave".

Yes, we are a nation of people who are desperately short of beautiful, hot, sunny days. I shouldn't moan about living in a temperate climate - especially since our buildings, transport system, retail outlets and citizens seem to all go a bit funny if anything is out of the norm. But one thing the summer (by which I mean months of May-October) does give us is longer daylight hours and slightly warmer temperatures.

And you know what that means?

I get my sewing space back!

It's a shared workspace, not just a sewing space

But you know how things work round here...

Anyway. We have this little conservatory. It's essentially a roof, a carpet and a patio door between two exterior walls. It gets amazing natural light and was earmarked for makery as soon as we saw it. But we moved in late last summer and we never quite got round to sorting out a permanent set up before the winter kicked in. Yes, we managed to revamp my sewing cabinet and then I got distracted by the bookcase armchair, and that was about it.

Refinished sewing cabinet, bonus points if you can identify the pattern on top

The winter made this room dark and cold, so we shut the door and mainly used it for storage and ironing.

I've done a few projects in here as it has gotten brighter but it has been a bit inconvenient. So last week I finally repurposed the loft bed into some sort of workstation.


Attempting to have both a sewing station and a pressing station in use at the same time...


The idea is to provide hanging storage, small amount of shelf space, to use up most of our scrap wood, and to have somewhere to nest my table.

Loading it up will be an ongoing process - I've been too busy to put much up (only my scissors have a dedicated space!) but I love it already. I loved having my workstation under the loft bed in my old place - it may have been a bit dark but it was cosy and easy to work in! I really like how we've been able to bring a flavour of that into this place as well.

Expect to see this thing in some pictures in the near future!

K x

P.S. Apologies for the silence on my sewng project at the moment. They have been happening, but I don't have the right photos yet. Bear with me.

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