Friday, 22 June 2018

The Overlock League (part 2): Projects with dodgy character links

The overlocker and I have been getting to know each other. I've also been hooked on addictive video game footage, so forgive me as I make dubious links between my sewing projects and Overwatch's character roster. I'm sure this will be out of my system soon, but just bear with me on this.

As a side point, anyone keen on the development of sociolects will probably enjoy watching this game and the people playing it.

Zenyata Shorts

Adaptation of Burda 11/2010 #135 Jersey Trousers for a baggier, crossover front. One pair in grey, one pair in navy. Very comfy.

Watch as I experience transquility atop my fabric scraps.

That was supposed to be a proper leviattion pic, but I forgot to take the one with no supports. Whoops.

Lucio Leggings

More dance leggings using my regular pattern. As far as I know Lucio os the only dancer in the whole roster, so this one is named for him.

Winston Jumper

I have no jokes about Primal Rage but B suggests that, much like this jumper, Winston also has long arms. The pattern is Burda 09/2012 #130B Side Gather Top, which is a great little pattern.

Moira Skirt

Yeesh. I first had the idea for this blog post when Moira was in PTR. We can all see that Moira is clearly a velvet kinda person.

The pattern is Burda 12/2011#124 Leather Skirt. I added pockets (naturally). The photos don't do this fabric justice. I got it in from Tygverket in Stockholm in 2014, and it's black velvet with flecks of white, orange, red, purple and pink.

Roadhog Joggers

Burda 11/2010 #135 Jersey Trousers as drafted (almost), for days when I look like this:

But feel like this.

I have one in black and one pair in red. They were scrap-busting projects so they don't conform to the pattern completely. But they are seeing a lot of use.

And, lastly:

The London Spitfire sports bra 

You gotta support the local team, y'know?

I'm so done with this now.

K x

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