Friday, 6 July 2012

A Kick Up The Arts

Now would be a good time to let people know that I'll be working at the Edinburgh Fringe in August.

In a fever of anticipation I've ordered a load of programmes for the various festivals and events in the city and the first one arrived today! It's the main Fringe brochure which you can see online here.

Of the things that caught my eye, perhaps the most surprising was the fact that Mick Foley is doing a show.

 (Image source)

That's right, CACTUS JACK, MANKIND, the guy who was thrown through the roof of a cage onto a bed of thumbtacks! Why not? He must have some pretty good stories to tell, and he's probably pretty articulate when he's not jamming a sock down someone's throat.
But on a different note, I've decided to create a bucket list of shows to see (or attempt to see) and things to do in the city.

Here's what there is so far (in no particular order):
The Durham Shows: Shows from Shellshock, the Revue, WitTank and  DULOG
Student Revues: Obligatory Oxbridge Revue shows
Jay Foreman: Musical comedy who was featured last year on BBC 4Extra with a song about food
Nick Pynn: Slightly "out there" instrumentalist
Nina Conti: Ventriloquist who used to be part of the sketch show Blunder
Ma Biche et Mon Lapin: Some French puppeteers who seem interesting
Tartuffe:  Because Moliรจre is great

Sadly there's no evidence of Milton Jones, Andy Zaltzman or Matthew Bourne shows in the programme. Oh well.

Does anyone have any recommendations for shows, venues or performers? Anything that is cheap/free worth a look? Any dance, theatre, cabaret or music? Or anything else to do in the city? Good places to eat?

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