Thursday, 20 June 2013

Let's Twist Again!

I made the Twist & Drape top again! Much like the last version, this one is based on a pattern from Natsuno Hiraiwa's book Shape Shape.

It's made in some sort of drapery loose-weave fabric that I pilfered from the London swap in April. This was the only piece of fabric I knew instantly how to use, so thank you whoever left it! The drape is a little limper than the previous version. I like it a lot, the cowl/twist falls in a very different way and it's a lot easier to leave this one a bit messy. The colour is gorgeous, it's almost a sea blue. In some lights it's very blue, some lights it's a husky grey colour and in some it's almost green. What a great bit of fabric!

This time I used much smaller buttons. I like how they're near invisible on this top, but it would have been nice if they were added with a contrast thread.

The pattern stayed the same. I'm thinking of making the top a third time and adding some kimono/grown on short sleeves. Good idea?

Also, I'm still a little cheesed off with the pattern. The flat felled seams won't stitch straight and the bias tape never looks good. What is going wrong? Fabric just keeps shifting around under all of the curves. There has been a lot of rippling and ripping. Grrrrr.

The next version will probably have a contrast effect so I want to get this neat. Has anyone else attempted this pattern? Generally any tips for making these curves look pristine?

Should I just line it?


  1. Your top looks great! Most of the patterns in that book are gorgeous, and lIke you, I've made this one up twice too... I love it so much! wrt those bias and curved seams, it is not the fault of the pattern, just generally it can be tricky getting a bias curved trim looking nice and flat... practise makes perfect. :)

  2. Wow! I just bought this book and was looking for an inspiration.. Your version of the top is sooooo cool! Love it!

    1. Thanks! I wear it to death, but it really suits loose-weave fabrics. Can't wait to see your version!