Thursday, 28 November 2013

Thread Theory Newcastle

Once again, another delayed project for you guys but this project really needed a bit of time to settle.

Yes, it's still shorts weather apparently...

The sleeve heads are also actually totally smooth

Thread Theory is a young independent pattern label that specialises in menswear patterns....they've been doing the rounds on the internet over the summer and have come up with some absolutely gorgeous patterns and projects.

The Newcastle is a shawl collar cardigan, which I was super-curious to see, having made something similar as a Christmas gift last year. Oh how I wish this pattern had been available last Christmas! It would have looked so beautiful! 

You know...instead of this...

Anyway...back to the Newcastle...

As a menswear pattern, it's quite rectangular and it's a nice change not to have to deal with darts and precise waistlines etc. There are a lot of good opportunities for detail variation in the cardigan: pockets, yokes, topstitching, closures, embellishments. but this has been a great tester to get a feel for the pattern before actual guy versions. 

This is an XS unmodified and I think the only actual adjustment it might have needed is to narrow the shoulders. I did start to freestyle and went a little overboard with the topstitching but it doesn't look like it has been an issue. 

FYI, the main fabric is from La Petite Emelienne in Strasbourg. The owner is lovely and that woman knows her stuff! I couldn't remember the fabric yardage (metrage?) at all and she advised 1m20. Look how perfectly that fit!

With Christmas coming up, I'm tempted to branch into some Strathcona Henleys for people. Anyone want one?
Guys, what are your thoughts on people making stuff for you?

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