Thursday, 28 November 2013

Introducing: dumb projects for autumn!

Let's move straight to the point. I made a jacket.

The facts: Nani Iro Melody Sketch double gauze. Size 34 Burda

This is a dumb jacket. I love it.

So, why is it a dumb jacket?

The one MUST HAVE this cold season is definitely an unlined, dotty gauze blazer. You simply MUST try your first ever jacket/blazer using a burda pattern and instructions. Under no circumstances are you making a muslin (mockup/test/rehearsal garment). Minimalism is in, don't skip on omitting the interfacing. ABOVE ALL ELSE make sure you're cutting it from an obviously inadequate amount of fabric. 

It clearly has the makings of a smooth project.

Next, you need to discover that you've duplicate cut one piece instead of two different sides.

Then realise there clearly aren't enough scraps to recut the piece as one whole. Why not try piecing it with the sraps you do have? Great idea! Then use the fabric brand from the selvedge to cover up the evidence! Who cares if it's radically altered the shape of the arm hole and you can't remember which pieces have which different seam allowances!

The real kicker? Make sure that the blazer doesn't go with anything in your wardrobe except for your PJs (your Moomin PJs, obviously). Bam. New hipster housecoat.



  1. So funny. It's a great jacket. Burda do have lovely jacket and coat patterns.

    1. I agree! Burda's designs are really great for jackets, but it's such a shame that not many people make them.

      What are you working on at the moment?

    2. I'm making a jacket at the moment. I'm working on adding the lining to the shell - so lots of hand sewing to do.

  2. yeah! I like your style, girl! as mad as me!
    whoops what a giveaway!

    1. Thank you! You must obviously have good taste in projects!

      Hope you're having a lovely Christmas too :)