Sunday, 15 December 2013

Sewing Advent calendar roundup!

Hi guys! 

A quick roundup on what's happened with the Sewlution/Advent Calendar/MW dress over the past couple of weeks. It's it's been a roller coaster already and I can't believe there's only 10 days left to get this done! It's crazy!

Today was the first time I've been able to visualise the dress units colour distributions and properly plan how to do the appliqué bits and embellishments. Here's how it's looking, let's see if we can pull this off...

Of course no project is without it's problems, I'm hoping most of the issues were taken care of in the planning stages but we'll have to see. This apparition showed up during some pressing pages, and I'm beginning to get worried...

Wish me luck for the final ten days!


  1. Good luck with the last few days - I'm really looking forward to seeing this once it's finished, I've been curious for such a long time about it :-) I hope it turns into an amazing Christmas dress. Happy Christmas, and happy sewing! x Thea

    1. Thanks Thea! I'm working super hard on it and have had a few very late nights recently. Happy Christmas to you too, can't wait to see some more of your projects in the new year!