Sunday, 1 December 2013

Advent calendars at the ready!

Hey guys! 

You know the festive season is clearly the best time of the year, right?

I adore it, and vow every year to get an advent calendar to count down (or up?) to the big day. But every year there seem to be the same disappointing range of overpriced chocolate ones. They don't really seem right, do they?

This year it's going to be a sewing advent calendar. One project, a tiny bit everyday until the 25th. I'll be tweeting about it every day and possibly a roundup once a week on here. 

Along with documenting the process, it's going to capture all of the excitement, stress, anticipation and reflection that good advent calendar should do! Without further ado:

1st Dec: planning, finding supplies and checking design and muslin

How about you? What's your advent calendar like? What's the most interesting one you've ever seen?


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