Wednesday, 2 July 2014



Naming this project has been tough. It was going to be my Hooker Dress

Why hooker? Oh, just because of the: HANDMADE CROCHET DETAIL.

I got B to crochet a sampler we thought I could sew with, I thought its texture would look good on a very plain and smooth dress, so added it as a welt pocket. It's just the right size for stashing things!

Then it was going to be the Flight of Fancy Dress. I bet you're wondering why...

What's that on the back? Oh no sweat, it's only a TINY HAND-EMBROIDERED PAPER AREOPLANE

I kid you not. I whacked a paper aeroplane on there. It took all of 20 minutes to do, and now it looks awesome.

Then it was going to be the Mods & Bogs Dress. It's only just another modified Vogue V8766 you spy. Bog standard, repeat pattern mod dress. The pattern's been done, there's a zip in the side. I backstitched some green highlights around the neck and the hems. Dark blue cotton sateen from Goldhawk Road.

Then it could have been the Twinkling Moody Blue Dress because the lining is silk and MADE OF STARS from Mood fabrics.

Instead it is called Jerome.
Because while I may be short of a Robson trench coat, it's the absolute perfect dress to wear when you're tap dancing with B Up On The Roof.


Take care!

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  1. Yes, tap dancing on the roof.... why could I not foresee that! And, yes, I would also have been mad enough to tap dance on the roof! Lovely dress though! and a great trawl through the fabric shops of Stockholm!