Monday, 16 February 2015

Ever heard of zig-zag pinstripes?

At the same time I made the green trousers, I also made up a pair of actual office-appropriate trousers using some reversible zig-zag pintripe. Seen below post-commute in my scummy Converse. I used the more subtle side for the outer, it's a little scratchy to wear but I'm hoping that'll soften up (or I'll stop caring).

The pattern is still Burda 10/2013 #126A Bootcut Trousers. The pattern is still not bootcut.

The fit is slightly different to the green trousers and seems a little looser/drapier, allowing for a little extra space "out back", which thankfully makes them wearable.

The quest for a repeatable trouser/jeans pattern continues but I've been using these recent projects as a means of experimenting with construction methods, details and finishing. Dear patient reader I won't bore you with a discussion of 'when in the process to sew a fly', but I want to tell you about one of my favourite details:  buttonhole elastic in the waistband.


Mammafairy kindly gave me a big reel of the stuff a while ago and I've want to properly crack this over my next few pairs of trousers. In high-waisted trousers it helps mitigate slightly against a swayback; in low-rise trousers, it's pretty important in not letting them slide down my hips as I wiggle throughout the day. Y'know? Of course you do.

Anyway, for anyone interested in adding buttonhole elastic to their waistbands, here'a a quick explanation and some photos:
  1. Construct and interface your waistband as you like. Mark the facing (or inside bit) for two slits. I choose approx 1-inch backwards from the side seam.
  2. Stitch and cut open two buttonholes for the buttonhole elastic to pass through
  3. Secture one end of elastic beside the buttonhole. Add a button.
  4. Feed elastic through one hole and pass through the inside of the waistband
  5. Bring elastic out through other hole, sew in place and attach a button
  6. Attach waistband to rest of garment and do any necessary finishing

Done. Clear as mud.

I'm sure there are better or prettier ways, but will get back to you once I have a new idea.

Right now, I'm off for some pinot grigio and tinned pears.

Catch you soon!



  1. I am so pleased you have tried that buttonhole elastic! It can work a fair treat!