Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The Great British Sewing Bee Drinking Game!

Yes, GBSB is back on our screens and that means that I have a regular opportunity to sit down and shout at the telly. This year I want to make the experience more interesting by introducing a drinking game.

I'll be following this series with a delightful new cider every week. No guarantees of live tweets or social media activity. Largely because I don't watch it live, I'm not that keen on getting slaughtered on a Monday night and I'll be in Japan for part of the series.

Here are the rules,

Take a swig every time any of the following happen:

  • Needlessly saucy comments about Patrick Grant
  • Someone cries
  • Someone mentions GBBO
  • Something is sewn on inside out/backwards/upside down/burnt by the iron
  • A walking foot appears on screen
  • Contestant mentions their handmade wedding dress
  • Contestant is using an indie pattern (name it)
  • Contestant is using a recognisable fabric print (name the brand/supplier)
  • Contestant has grossly misunderstood the brief
  • Judges offer heroically diplomatic criticism
  • Unsuccessful/dodgy application of electronics/"wearable tech"

Happy viewing!


  1. I shall watch it, but I shall NOT be taking that swig- unless it is tea! No chance of an inebriated start to Tuesday!

  2. I'd advise you don't swig at all - that much tea and you'd spend half the night in the loo!