Monday, 11 April 2016

Swedish Visions of Chaos

I find myself a bit tongue tied. Knotted threads, crossed wires, tangled yarns, prints that have become unstuck.
That sort of thing.

It feels a bit like the calm after the storm and I'm a little battered. I like a challenge - during March that meant things like producing homemade hummus for two hundred; but at the moment it's more like not falling asleep in my dinner on a Wednesday evening. I'm too stubborn to admit to still being exhausted though. I love these storms because they bring a flurry of excitement and inspiration. They bring new discoveries and new resolutions. It'll be a while before they'll filter into everyday life and to bear their fruits in unexpected ways.

Grains of rice
Straws and camels
Butterfly wings
That sort of thing.

The making has carried on, though I have nothing to show you yet. No words to describe them and no pictures to show you what I actually mean. I wrote a piece in Jan, which should have gone live before Easter. The project is worth sharing but I poured some soul into the first post and it's obsolete now. Feel a bit bruised about that one. So it's going to sit there for a while. Projects may stay undocumented for a while. New ideas may be put on hold for a while.
That sort of thing.

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