Sunday, 5 February 2017

The Year of the Outfit: An actual outfit!

Preface: This is a project from late 2016

I've hit a strange point in my sewing adventures where although I can open my wardrobe and pull out any number of pretty handmade dresses, I still feel the need to make a new one if someone announces a party at short notice.

It's all a bit silly in a way, because I rush difficult fabrics and the quality isn't as good as if I'd done the same thing over a period of weeks. But then why wear my best, most delicate work to a party where it has a higher chance of being ruined?

Beats me.

Anyway, I gave in to the impulse and actually sorted myself with an outfit for the ball. You hear me. During The Year of The Outfit, I actually finally produced an outfit.

(Worn with a black vest underneath)

White silk t-shirt and Cavalli Maxi Dress

Handmade silk top and skirt

Note the while silk top. Note that it survived (blemishless) a party that featured mulled wine, hot dogs, wobbly poseur tables and a chocolate fountain. Someone was smiling down on me that day.

The top is another heavily modified V8766 and although I'm broadly happy with the bodice fit, I really must rework the sleeves as they keep giving me grief during assembly.

I successfully steered clear of closures as I wasn't keen to deploy the finesse required by this floaty textile.

Given this was a last-minute make I am not so bothered by the crappy finishing, but it does emphasise why I want to do things properly in 2017. (also, can you tell I only had black fusible interfacing on hand?)

Bought from Tomato, Tokyo

The keen readers amongst you may recognise my Cavalli dress. I am not sure why but I have been repeatedly unhappy with the bodice, and really don't like the dress anymore, but I do really like the skirt. I chopped off the top, added a lining and called it a skirt. My instinct wants to blame the pattern, but honestly I shouldn't have caved into the hype surrounding it. And apparently I'd forgotten how difficult it actually was at the time. Oh well.

Front - Do these even go together?


The jacket is my Kaisla - still the finest piece of finery I own.

One important feature of this outfit is that you can get full-on thermal underneath it and no one will know! Braving the British winter (or summer, for that matter) in your party dress? No problem!

Anyway, this is ready to join my rack of pretty party outfits. When's the next one?

K x

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