Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Shape Shape again

Procrastination is an ugly thing.

I sat on this project for a year, then cut it out and sat on it for another year, by which time I'd forgotten everything about the pattern. In some mad and fleeting moment, I got it sewn up in a spare afternoon a couple of weeks ago.

It's the Sleeveless Scarf Blouse from Natsuno Hiraiwa's Shape Shape book, cut in a grey/blue chambray from La Petite Emelienne in Strasbourg (now closed down! :( ) the topstitching was just a random colour I had in my thread stash at the time, I think it's a midnight blue.

Having finished it, I can say the pattern is a little boxy and runs to the top of my hips. This was planned to fall into the category of "quirky but socially acceptable officewear", but it's a bit shorter and a bit boxier than I'd have liked.

The scarf neck is two pleated pieces of fabric attached at the shoulder, which should be artfully draped around your neck. I made my scarf from jersey and didn't hem it so it rolls in on itself a little.

I also switched out the buttons for some snaps because it seemed like they would suit the simplicity/minimalist aspect of the rest of the shirt. Big buttonholes seemed like they'd be a bit too heavy.

Incidentally, I'm experimenting more with sewing these on by machine. Generally I choose handsewing but machine stitching might be faster and more secure. Thoughts?


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  1. I have never attempted to sew poppers on by machine... I foresee lots of broken needles... But I am happy to be educated!